Our Value to God = PRICELESS!

Our Value to God = PRICELESS!
"Allow God to place His own values." - A.W. Tozer

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Let Him Direct Your Steps

Recently I've been reading "Streams in the Desert" devotional by L.B. Cowman. Tonight I read one about letting God lead our paths and I found it really inspiring so I wanted to pass it along. Here it is below:

"I know, O Lord, that a man's life is not his own; it is not for man to direct his steps." - Jeremiah 10:23
Take Home: God's ability to direct our lives well is infinitely beyond our ability. Sometimes we are afraid of His power and His plans because we know His power would easily crush us if He used it against us. Don't be afraid to let God correct your plans - He will give you wisdom if you are willing.

"Lead me in a straight path." - Psalm 27:11
How do we receive God's guidance? The first step is to want to be guided and to realize that God's primary guidance system is in His Word, the Bible. Psalm 119 tells of the endless knowledge found in God's Word. By reading the Bible and constantly learning from it, we will gain the wisdom to perceive God's direction for our lives. When we are willing to seek God in prayer, learn from His Word, and obey Him, then we will recieve His specific guidance.

"Many people want to direct God instead of surrendering themselves to be directed by Him. They want to show Him the way instead of submissively following where He leads." - Madame Guyon <-- I love this quote! :) How true is this in our lives?! Sidenote: Some people call Christianity a "crutch," but when you get down to the basics, you realize that this is far from the Truth. Living for Christ and being His follower requires submission on our part and self-denial, which are not easy things. They must continually be given effort. Something to think about: The life we're living now determines where we will end up. Let us take this into consideration and surrender our paths to the leading of our Heavenly Father. We may be tempted to demand answers from God, but instead let us ask for direction. I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend and staying warm. I pray you remember the infinite knowledge God has the next time you are seeking guidance and, as a result, turn to Him for direction. With love and prayers, Shannon

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clairest81 said...

Amazing , these are words of inspiration! Thank you